[Upcoming] Feb 23, 2018 "Celebrating Amazing Women in Science, Exploration, Adventure, and Conservation." Co-hosted by 'Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants' and National Geographic Education. Link to presentation.

Feb 2018 University of Florida Water Institute Symposium. Complex Challenges, Integrated Solutions:Shaping Our Water Future. Plenary Panel: Telling Water's Story. Link to presentation.

Nov 2017 Keynote Speaker, Wes Skiles Water Stewardship Awards. Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Gainesville, FL [tickets here].

Oct 2017 Keynote Speaker, Audubon Florida Assembly: Water for Florida's Future.

Oct 2017 Beyond the Self: Women of Nat Geo Changing the World. Co-hosted by Bridges Unite and Fox, Women's Club of Coconut Grove, Miami, FL.

Sept 2017 Speaker, Florida Sea Grant Coastal Science Symposium. Gainesville, FL, Title: Walking on Water.

June 2017 Speaker, BYT and National Geographic’s Excellent Adventure. The Official Explorers Festival 2017 After Hours.

April 2017 Keynote Speaker, University of North Florida's "St. John's River Experience," Jacksonville, FL, Title: Walking on Water: Using conservation photography to help Floridians understand their most vital resource.

April 2017 Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT) speaker series, Title: Walking on Water.

March 2017 National Geographic livestream in partnership with Microsoft for the #MakeWhatsNext initiative to inspire girls to stay in STEM. Live from the Ichetucknee River on the National Geographic Facebook page.

March 2017 North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Summit, Jacksonville, FL. Lightning Talk Speaker.

Feb 2017 "Celebrating Amazing Women in Science and Exploration." Co-hosted by 'Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants' and National Geographic Education. Link to presentation.

Feb 2017 "Water: New Directions Through Arts and Science." Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, Emerging Creatives Student Summit Pop Up Speaker. Title: Walking on Water

Jan 2017 National Geographic Explorer Classroom presentation. Link to presentation.

Nov 2016 Speaker at the H.T. Odum Florida Springs Institute’s "The Art and Science of Springs Conservation," Title: Walking on Water.

April 2016 St. Petersburg Green Thumb Festival speaker, Title: A lens into our fragile freshwater

Oct 2015 TEDx Jacksonville speaker, Title: Illusions: a lens into our fragile freshwater.

April 2015 Jacksonville Museum of Science and History, Illusions exhibit reception speech, Title: Illusions and photography in Florida’s springs

April 2015 H.T. Odum Florida Springs Institute’s “Give Springs A Break” event, Title: Beauty in the Breakdown: The art of saving Florida’s springs

Feb 2015 Pechakucha Gainesville, Title: Sea Cows, Fire Water, and Flying Turtles. Video.

April 2014 Science of Springs presentation, Title: Algal Proliferation in Florida’s Springs. Video.

May 2011 Theories in Action: Brown University's Senior Capstone Conference, Title: Decomposition in Salt Marshes: Implications for Sea Level Rise

May 2011 Brown University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Brown Bag Seminar, Title: Belowground decomposition of the salt marsh cordgrass Spartina alterniflora: Implications for sea level rise